Storage units - from 4sqm to 80sqm

Huge amounts of food are wasted every day due to lack of proper storage. It is a global challenge that is recognised as a 'must win' in order to ensure food safety and a fair price for everyone involved in the agricultural food chain.

For agricultural producers we deliver an effective shelter that increases 'first mile' productive use of farm products. Both in terms of volume and value of these goods there will be an increase in income in the entire value chain.

Lifeshelters delivers a energy preserving and heat protective environment that can prolong shelf life of agricultural produce. 




Our solutions are flexible in size and deployed use.

Passive cooling gives a shaded area due to the use of insulation panels in the construction. 

Active cooling either as off grid stand alone, solar powered unit, OR connected to energy grid. 


If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.